No More Wait Horizon Zero Dawn PC is Back..

Horizon Zero Dawn PC is the game that has been waiting by the gamer for a long time has finally got released for both PS4 and PC. The game is one of the most realistic third person shooting game.This has been nominated for a lot of awards however it won two best original game award on 2015 and 2016.The concept of this game came on late 2011 however it took 9 years for complete game design and come into the market after lots of trial and error.The main character of the game is female name alloy who is trapped in an artificial word or in other word machinery world, a world ruled my machine who does not have a feeling so this game describes the difference between beauty and its danger.The game is about her who fight against the machine to survive from the machinery world and tries to get to the real world.Horizon Zero Dawn PC is designed by Guerrilla Games and published by sony entertainment.An almost team of 10 -15 was hired to make this almost 10 stories were written among them 1 best was selected.Horizon Zero Dawn PC is follow up of Killzone the game which was released 2004 after the success of the movie this game was made.


Horizon Zero Dawn PC Gameplay:
Horizon Zero Dawn PC is easy to play user-friendly with heart touching story. Main Character of this game is a girl named alloy who is trapped in a machinery world who fight against the machine to get out from that danger of robotic world. This game is the third person shooting game you are given a tool which helps you to capture the robot, fight against the machine and hack the robot it need, hacking can be useful to control the robot on your side so that you can control as ur wish to travel from one place to another as a transporting device.Map of this game is very big to unlock the make you have to travel to that location and complete the location once you have done completing the quest the location is locked from the map forever.
You can use the campfire for fast traveling to the location that has been unlocked, a campfire can also be used to save the game so that you don’t have to repeat the same task in the case to close the game.Horizon Zero Dawn PC has something called skill map.Skill map is divided into three section power, bravery and strength. You can see this skill map by going to the menu section.To achieve the skill map you have to complete the level by getting this skill map you get combat which helps you to kill the enemy fast
and easily.

Development of Horizon Zero Dawn PC:
The Idea of this game on late 2011 after the success of Killzone game on 2004.Horizon Zero Dawn PC was designed by the same team who designed kill zone. For designing this game first of all team of 10 -15 people were selected which were highly experienced.This team wrote 10 stories among them 1 was selected a best which you can see in this game.The game is designed with high technology with a realistic view of day and night change with no glitch weather also keeps changing during the gameplay of this game.The overall game is one of the best game ever made in the gaming history of today generation.


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